Virtual CISO Services


Information Security is a critical business priority and has become even more important due to a rise in emerging threats, advances in technologies, dependence on more vendor partnerships, increased regulations and expanded customer expectations.

For some organizations. hiring a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is simply cost prohibitive, and for others attracting and retaining the right talent is challenging.  Either way, the impact of a cyber-attack or data breach can still be significant. 

Often what is required is simply access to the right resource with the right experience at the right time to address your business’s critical information security needs. Some examples of these needs could include:

  • Strategy Assessment - defining an information security strategy and implementation roadmap
  • Threat Assessment - periodic reviews of potential threats, risks and effectiveness of associated controls
  • Advisory Support - defining and delivering an annual awareness campaign, assisting with an incident response activity or preparing for board reporting 

The Virtual CISO Services are flexible and customizable to assist with these and many other additional CISO responsibilities. The services are delivered through a blend of on-site and remote support, including voice or video calls and emails. The service is comprised of a one-time on-boarding process followed by a delivery model designed to meet your specific requirements.

CISO Board Advisory


Information Security threats and opportunities are constantly evolving and becoming a greater risk to business operations. Private or public organizations need the counsel of experienced information security resources to help them understand the implications to their existing business strategy and/or pursuit of new business goals and objectives.

The CISO Board Advisory services work closely with your management operating teams to understand your business objectives and provide advisory support on how internal or external information security threats and opportunities could affect your business objectives.

This service can range from board membership/ participation, an information security program review or a one-time due diligence assessment of existing information security technology, processes and resources.

CISO Coaching & Mentoring


Today's CISO role is unlike any other roles within an organization. Research studies indicate that CISOs typically survive just 18 months to two years in a job which is increasingly complex and multi-skilled. Yet many CISOs (whether experienced and newly in the role) do not seek the opportunity to be mentored by a more experienced CISO.

The CISO coaching and mentorship services provides a new (or existing) CISO with that critical support to gain the necessary experience to help them be highly effective in this very complex role.

The services are customizable to an individual’s need and can range from periodic phone or video consultations to more in-depth half or full day on-site planning sessions.